AngularJs ng-app, ng-model and ng-controller

1). Important parts of AngularJs
i) ng-app

ng-app : - The ngApp directive are used to define the root element and the auto-bootstrapping to an application. It's called auto initialization process. If you have multiple angular apps (more than one ng-app) that time you set manually bootstrap.

ng-model :- The ngModel directive are used to bind the custom form control(input, select, textarea) to a property.

The ngModel is responsible for:-
·         Bind the views to the model.
·         Validate the form control (just like required, number, email and URL validation etc.)
·         Keep the state of valid controls
·         Setting of CSS classes (just like ng-valid, ng-invalid etc.)

ng- controller :-  The ngController directive are used to link the angular controller to the HTML Views.


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