What is AngularJs?

AngularJs is MVVM frameworks that help to create MVC and Single Page Applications (SPA) and use to developed dynamic web apps. It maintains and developed by Google Inc

AngularJs supported to MVVM and stand for Model-View-Whatever. It’s also known as MV*.

The (*) means "Whatever you want to do

It has following advantages as given below.

·         Less Coding
·         More Extensive UI
·         Developed by Google Inc.

It has following features as given below.

·         Two-way data binding
·         MVC pattern
·         Template and Custom directive
·         Server Communication and REST friendly
·         dynamic page Linking
·         Validations
·         Dependency injection

The angular use prefix “ng" called angular and It's for data binding using brackets {{}} and 

Its handle all the DOM and AJAX easy ways

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